Today’s our Christmas

My sweet Chop and I waited till we were snug in our own house to exchange gifts.  I woke up this morning excited and ready to exchange… It’s nearly 2:00PM and I’m still waiting.  Apparently, he had “work” to do etc. etc.  *sigh*

That’s okay though because truly, I love the anticipation.  I always have.  I’ll sit holding an un-opened present as long as the “awaiting audience” will allow it.  I wait because once it’s opened it’s over!  I relish that moment of not knowing what it is inside that this special someone thought suited me and cared enough to think of me and give to me.  No matter what it is – it matters to me.

Pretty sure I’ll feel the same way today and when my SC gets back from his haircut and errands, we will begin the festivities – oh and watch the Broncos!

Christmas could go on for ages.  That would be okay with me…


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