Twas the Day After Chirstmas

I’ve had a few friends express to me their deep need to clean mercilessly in the past few days. I know this is bourne from the chaos that has ensued over the past couple of months. It makes me wonder, then, why we go to such extremes in the whole “Christmas Decor” thing… Don’t get me wrong! I love Christmas lights and the beauty of lights in the snow and I truly enjoy my annual drive around to look at lighting displays, but I must admit I do a minimalistic approach when it comes to my own home and Holiday Decor.

There “could” be two reasons for this. 1) I just think less is more sometimes and 2) Laziness 🙂 Of course if you know me well, you know my specialtiy in life is efficiency and thereby, “laziness = extreme efficiency!” Ha! Perfect. I will say, however, when it comes to clean up post Christmas, it’s a lot easier than hauling boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff and putting it away for another year. I only have to haul “boxes” singular.


As the lights go out on another Christmas (and didn’t it just seem to fly by?!), I hope you will find a nice way to organise your ornaments and garland and don’t get too swept up in the clamor of cleaning!



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