Back to Work!

Not regrettably, I began a new project yesterday. No. My tree isn’t down and yes I still have my three decorations up. I vacuumed. Don’t judge.

Take a look at this!


Can you say, “1998”??? Well, that’s when my sweet Mom bought this (it also came with a beauty of a top half to be shown later) for me because I had recently inherited my Grandmother’s china. Needed decent housing! After all these years, and moving this piece too many times to count, I am SOO ready to give it new life! Perfect timing since I purposefully haven’t unpacked any of the usual residents of this piece so I could remodel. And oh my! I do think the china and stemware will be pleased!!

Here’s step one: remove doors and paint the interior. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Provençe” is on board and so lovely!!


Step two: Admire! Imagine what it will end up like. I didn’t even shudder as I painted over the glorious oak! Moving right along…

Step three: Tape the edge just a bit (I rarely tape ANYTHING so this was borderline torture) with Frog Tape (the BEST for not bleeding) then breathe and start applying the Old White.


Oh my! I LOVE it without the doors on! This could get interesting…..

To be continued!



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