Because there was still paint in the bowl….

When I was in England in June and stopped by Annie Sloan’s shoppe in Oxford (is my chest puffing out with  excitement here?!), I purchased two enamal bowls and some other items.  When I paint, I use a special ladle I got from my favourite shop in Florence, Colorado and scoop out one or two scoops of paint at a time (depending on the size of the project) and ladle it into my Annie Bowl.  I keep a spray bottle of water to hand so I can dilute as desired or spray the surface of my work (more on this another day) and …. oh I digress.

So yesterday when I wrapped up painting the lovely “Provençe” inside the hutch, I still had some left in the bowl.  Usually, I would just pour it back into the can.  But I had enough I thought, “Hmmmm… What else needs a lovely coat of Provençe?”


Why the kitchen cabinets, of course!  Indeed, I’d been pondering over Duck Egg and Provençe and after seeing the hutch interior knew my mind was made up.  I took off the doors and started in…  I tried with no luck to get the shelves out as they are adjustable so knew they must come out.  Apparently, not for me they don’t!  So – for now – I did the lazy -err extremely efficient – way of painting and left them in.

First coat is done!  Needs another coat due to the high-use of the cabinet space but I put the dishes back in just for kicks and giggles (and to get them off the counter so I could cook green chili for dinner…. again, I digress.)


I never realised the shelves are bowed until I saw the photo!


Not painting the exterior of the cabinets in Old White so this will have to wait to be finished….  What colour AM I going to use???  Stay tuned!!!



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