Ever make a book?

I started my bookbinding ages ago. I honestly don’t remember when it was I made the first book box using bookbinding materials and techniques but I know I love doing it! Ever seen a book box? I prefer the “drop spine” variety myself… But book boxes are for anotherday. Today, I want to talk about making an actual book.

I made two for Christmas gifts this year. One was a journal and one was a photo album. While I “can” prepare the text blocks (the bound sheets) that go inside, I just purchased them and made the covers.


This is one of the few projects where I will take the time to actually measure. I sometimes “eyeball” my spines and such but the book doesn’t turn out as nicely as when I measure.

Of course I neglected to take photos during the process so I thought I’d ask if there is interest in my posting a step-by-step on making a book. Let me know if you’d like to see this and I’ll do it!

Meanwhile, here are some teaser photos of the photo album and journal I mentioned.






❤ Jill


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