The Bottom Half…


As a young adult and single Mom raising two boys, I probably would never have had any “nice” furniture had it not been for my Mom. She would either pass down something of hers or buy me what she thought I needed but would never buy (read “could never afford”) for myself. This beautiful oak hutch is one of those pieces. She bought it for me to house my treasured set of Franciscan China that was inherited from my beloved Grandmother. I’ve lugged it lovingly all over creation since 1998.

We recently moved yet again and as I emptied the hutch, I decided I could – yes could, as in allowed to- paint it. It was so beautiful and regal as it was but I thought a facelift was in order. So after countless hours of pondering and much consideration about colours, I finally settled on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White for the exterior and Provençe for the interior. I think I’m in love.


Yesterday, I finished the bottom half of the hutch. I so loved how it looked without the doors, I was very tempted to leave them off. However, my two overly curious kitties thought it was a great place for them so… doors are on for safekeeping of the chinaware.






So??? What do you think??

Next is the top half. Then to fill-er-up! Or not. What if we move again?!?! Any volunteers to help pack?



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