Light Your World!

Yesterday, I had 2 hours of unadulturated alone time. By this I mean – no cell phone! I had to take it to the phone doctor and they asked if I could leave it with them for a couple hours. I must admit, I felt a little “naked and nervous” leaving the store without it. It’s become a sense of security for me to know if anything should happen, help is just a phone call away and I don’t have to find a payphone to make it!

I decided not to travel too far from the “phone doc” and went to one of my favourite local thrift stores. I can spend hours in a thrift store! I look at everything! Stuffed animals for $1 are great for my doggies, old books, and Tervis® cups are some of my prize items to look for. I buy tea cups, and all sorts of odds and ends for crafting – you would not believe the rubber stamp collections at thrift stores! – and of course – things to paint!

Yesterdays haul included the following: a book on Herbs, a book on rural living and two books on greenhouses for my sweet Chop, a brand new-in-the-original-bag couple of florist foam blocks for floral arranging, 2 DVDs (“A River Runs Through It” for SC, and “Beaches” for me), a little bit of bling for SC’s Mom, and….. a lovely lamp to paint! Total cost out the door? $30! I may have forgotten a couple things I purchased even… The best deal of the day was the lamp – marked down from $6 to $3. SCORE!

I almost forgot to snap the “before” picture – so this is a “just started painting” picture.

And because I am one who enjoys the project but have no patience to be done…. here’s the “almost done” picture. I painted the base and finial in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint “Country Grey” and the shade in “Duck Egg”. Yes, I painted the shade! Super simple…. just get a spray bottle of plain old water and lightly spray the shade prior to painting. Then dilute the paint 3 parts water to 1 part paint and gently paint it on. Easy peasy! When it starts to dry, take a paper towel or one of your handy dandy lint free rags used for waxing and just give the shade a little wipe down to eliminate any drip marks.

These pictures are with the lamp placed on my oh-so-messy nightstand and the shade is still drying! Also, I’m going to put a trim of some sort around the base and the top of the shade. Probably something “pearly.” I’ll take another photo when I’ve cleaned the nightstand (yes, Christen, I hear you…) and the pearly part is done 🙂




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