Little Things Mean A Lot…

Sometimes I’m amazed at how doing one tiny little thing can totally change the way something looks or feels or both. I’ve always tried to make my bed a pretty place – even if it’s just simple. Simple is pretty.

I still haven’t made a headboard – but I will. So we don’t have one. Oh well. In a way, the bedroom seems a little more serene because of it. Simple. Today as I was making the bed I had a bit of an epiphany. Ok maybe I saw it on line somewhere or in a magazine. I can’t remember. But this is what I did. Let’s see if you can spot the difference.



Ok so there are a few differences. The lamp from a couple of days ago. My beloved jewellery box is on my dresser…. but did you spot the change on the bed?


All I did was put one of my pillows (a king size down feather pillow) into an old flour sack (actually this one is a salt sack!) given to me by my Sweet Chop’s Sweet Dad. It literally took me less than a minute – no sewing involved – and VIOLA! Cuteness and a bit of simple country elegance.

What do you think? I haven’t had opportunity to hunt for more of these lovely sacks – I have one more for the guest room. But I guarantee you they are on my “find list!” So lovely and…. simple!



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