Selective OCD – Sorta

What is it about a person’s (mine) “need” for things to be a certain way?  To not be able to stop doing something until it’s done (or fall asleep mid-do because you refused to go to bed)?  I’ve had this problem forever.  I’ve tried to figure out the balance of it.  I can’t.  Examples:

I used to cross stitch a lot.  I would keep going all night until I finished “just this one little area” – often I’d end up bleary eyed and finally realise I HAD to put it down

painting – same deal – I MUST complete the project within the same day of starting (ha- not always possible). I work as though I must finish.

Sorting and arranging – that’s what led to this post. I was taking down the Christmas tree and thought I’d be proactive and replace all the burnt out bulbs for next year. Oh my. That led to finding an entire strand that had been blown which led to complete removal of said strand from said tree ( said tree is pre-lit – meaning the lights are nicely wrapped around the branches for you and you just leave them there.) Am I able to just toss said $3.50 strand? Nope. I sat there for hours carefully removing every bulb from it’s socket and putting fresh bulbs in. It looked something like this…

2015/01/img_9212.jpg (side note: the little round box was hand painted by yours truly in the late 80’s! I’m old!!! It’s got a sweet little sheep on it and I keep Christmas tree light bulbs in it.)

Here’s the thing about my particular brand of OCD. I’m anything but a perfectionist. I have always said, ” That’s good enough.” This is why I LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®!! It IS perfect with “flaws.”




and oh am I so VERY glad it is! I have lots of flaws and imperfections. Thankfully, I am forgiven for those flaws through Grace.

It’s an odd sort of OCD I have – the inability to quit but the strong desire to be finished. I’ve had to literally train myself to stop things when I’m taking hours to sort through buckets of nails or screws or something to organise the garage. I HAVE to say, “Jill. Please step away from the nuts and bolts!” And I’ll sadly hang my head a bit as I put the label maker down and walk away.

That’s when it’s time for a nice cup of tea!



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