The Top Half (Part the Third – and Final)

All the best movies are broken up into three parts. (i.e., LOTR!) So thank you for hanging with me through this three part saga.

The Hutch is done and (mostly) loaded! I fear I’ve jinxed myself by unpacking those boxes… If we end up moving soon, this is why.

So, I spent the past two days finishing the doors and putting them on. Timely but simple process. Two coats of paint on two sides – mostly just waiting for each coat to dry. Then clear wax and distress with 100grit sandpaper. A little more clear wax over those distress spots for good measure (and a rich look) and TADA!


I spent quite a bit of time perusing Pinterest for ideas on visual happiness for the top. I’ve never put my beloved Grandmother’s “Franciscan” China behind the glass – I really wanted that pop of red apple colour and I didn’t want to hide them in the bottom part any more! So, along with my Great, Great Grandmothers WEDDING GLASSES (oh my gosh how OLD are those??!! – My GRANDMOTHER was born in 1908 so I imagine they are from the early 1800’s at least?) and her Sterling Silverware, and a few other of her pieces and one or two things of my own …. I hope you like it. I would like to put some dried lavender in there as well. I’ll post an update photo when I get it done.




Ahh… I’m pleased. And I’m not throwing away the boxes and wrappings… yet. Just in case 😉


Postscriptum: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® "Old White" and "Provençe" and clear wax.


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