Pillow Talk

The word of the day is “Pillows.”  I’d planned on yapping about pillows today and two or three of the blogs I follow also did!  So, it must be nap time all around!  Irony? I think Not!

Yesterday, as I sipped my coffee feeling absolutely UN-motivated to move (daily occurrence), I thought I’d try doing some sewing.  Please note:  my sewing skills are limited at best.  I took sewing in the 8th grade and truth of truth here, I STILL have my same sewing kit from that class.   3rd period as noted on the needles.  All the pieces, including the silly metalic-ish band that goes around the tape measure, are engraved using my Dad’s engraver with my name.  Thank goodness.  I mean what would I have done had someone stolen my 60 cent needles! Gasp!

2015/01/img_2828.jpg (look closely; there’s even a barrette in that pile that’s been in that bag all these years – found when digging for this photo.) Also, there’s an old “Alco Duckwall” price tag on the round elastic holder card. When I was growing up, the town was so small we had no Wal*Hell (thank God) and this card came from there. Price on the card is 40 cents. Alco price is 33 cents! SCORE!

This partly should fall within my OCD area because I’ve always taken ridiculously good care of my things.  It doesn’t matter what the thing is.  I still have my original Monopoly game from 4th grade, I have my original pencil box from 3rd grade.  I have my original pencil box from 10th grade… The list goes on and on.  My Mom says, “It’s just you, Jill.”  When I was raising my two boys, one of them was very distructive.  It was so difficult to endure for me.  I’d cringe everytime something broke.

I digress…

So! Yesterday, I played around with trying to cover a pillow. I created my own design. Oh my. It’s um… interesting. I have decided it could be called “rustic.” I used the fabric I got from one of my favourite sources (Decor Steals)


If you’re not familiar with them, proceed with caution. I may go broke on their website alone. (And no, I’m receiving nothing from them for this promo.)

So I measured and folded and pinned, and stuck myself multiple times and thought, “Do they make ‘entire hand’ thimbles? Cuz I need one!” and I sewed! I use my beloved Mom’s 1950’s or 1960’s model Pfaff 18 machine. I have to read the manual every time I use it due to the duration in between uses. You get the idea.

Today, I had an epiphany. I searched Pinterest for help on pillow making. I also remembered in the back of my mind, Annie Sloan’s tutorial on pillow making. It can be found here. Please people. Watch the pros. I’m not going to even attempt to tell you or teach you how. That would be foolhardy to say the least.

The Pinterest link I followed today for pillow number two was uber easy. Four straight lines. Yep. I can manage that. You can find this link here. I also used my wonderful material I purchased while at Annie Sloan’s shoppe in Oxford, England last June. Big moment in my life that was. Annie herself came into the shoppe that day to say hello to me even though I arrived moments before closing time. (I sat on the Motorway for 3 hours in a traffic accident jam prior to hitherto arrival and was soo worried I wouldn’t make it in time to see the shoppe. ) Anyway, I purchased several small things that I could carry on the plane home. One of which was “The World.” Yep. Small enough to fit on the plane, the world is. Ha! Oh okay – it’s a fabric pattern of hers. You’ll see it in the YouTube link I gave above.

(Annie Sloan and me at her shoppe in Oxford. I was a wee bit excited.)

Here’s Annie’s latest book with, to my surprise and glee, has a photo of a pillow with THIS VERY fabric on the cover!


So, how did my pillows turn out? Here’s the front and back photos of each.



SOOO glad my OCD does NOT fall into the line of “perfectionism.” Clearly. Ah well, I ❤ my pillows. I plan on making more and more. You should try and share what you make with me!



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