Bedside Table in a Day…

What is your favourite part of the day?  I have two parts – coffee and the rest of the day.  Usually, “the rest” involves some cooking, some cleaning (yuk), playing with my animals, some sort of artistic endeavor, and reading.  I read every day.  It may be a magazine, novel, how-to book, my devotional, the Bible, blogs, etc. etc.  Reading is huge in this house.  And not just for me.  My better half, Chuck, is also an avid reader.  He reads to relax before going to sleep, he reads for his work, he reads INSTRUCTIONS!! (Yep! We have a winner! Man reads directions.  He shall go down in history as evolved!  His superhero name? LEARNED MAN!) OK move along…

I’ve little by little been working in the pieces of our home that I’ve wanted to refinish with my beloved Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®.  But before I show you this project, I thought I’d let you in on a little of my world and show you the piles around that say, “Reading people live here.”  Please ignore the mess.

image Miss Gray napping on the recliner with my issue of The Cottage Journal – must deovte much time with silence to read this one.  It waits paitently …

imageMagazines on the table with more magazines should I finish the above-mentioned read.

image Bookcase of my collection of antique books, maps and Peanuts books.  Along with a few other precious items.

image My actually not-as-messy-as-usual nightstand…

image The Diva Lady Oreo who was on the bed by my nightstand and INSISTED on having her photo as part of the day’s events.  (She’s cute – we’ll allow it.)

And FINALLY….. My Sweet Chop’s nightstand as it ended up this morning.  (Post his re-arranging and reading last night after I painted it!)

image Ta da!  Now for the before and after shot…

image image

image Bedside table – done in a day bcause the reader MUST HAVE THE LAMP AND TABLE WHEREUPON SAID BOOKS RESIDE each night!!!

I pulled out the drawer, removed the handle, painted the drawer in “Chateau Grey”.  Then painted the table in “Old White” distressed heavily with 100grit sandpaper and waxed with clear wax.  Put the handle back on and loaded it back up!  Whew!  I love the versitility of ASCP and the speed with which one can complete a project!  This literally took me 3 and a half hours total.  From start to finish.  I mean SOMEONE had to cook dinner!



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