YES! You Can Paint Furniture – The Upholstery Part!

When one thinks of ‘painted furniture’ I think for the most part we tend to think of things like dressers, armoirs, tables etc. But do we think of the actual fabric and painting that? Well, if you’re using the right paint, you absolutely should!

I’ve not done it a lot simply because I haven’t found the right pieces (yet). I look constantly and aquire as I can. One such piece I found and fell in love with immediately because it was so unique! Some people (my sweet Chop… cough cough) hated it. That was just more fuel for my fire! I had a cackle at that and cried, “I can make you love it!!!” (I’m not sure it ever worked.)

So, to refresh… here are some shots of the couch I affectionately call, “The Seat of Grace”




This couch is only partially painted on the upholstery, primarily because as I worked on it it “evolved.” I often feel like the piece “tells me” how it wants to look somehow. This piece started out with natural oak as the frame and I started by painting it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in “Paloma.” Once I had the oak done and the back of the couch’s upholstery with one coat, I thought it needed a stronger colour because it’s such a strong piece. It’s huge and heavy! So, I painted over the Paloma with “Graphite” and was much happier. It set such a nice contrast with the velvet red cushions so I decided to just leave the front upholstery alone. Then, I went over the back with a coat of Graphite for just a little contrast and, because I really did want to use the Paloma in the piece, I stenciled on the arms and back with it. I think it was great! (While he’s too sweet to say otherwise, I’m not sure my Sweet Chop changed his opinion.) I knew it would take a special home to go to and it was sold very quickly to a sweet gal near Yellowstone National Park. Ahh… that’s another story.

So! This week’s adventures found this chair.

Clearly, accepted into the fold and christened by Miss Gray. After much, MUCH pondering and looking at chairs on Pinterest, I finally decided on “Country Grey” (for reference, I pretty much exclusively use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. So when I mention a colour, that’s the brand.)

To paint upholstery, it’s fairly easy. I do a mix of 50% paint to 50% water in a bowl. Then I use a spray bottle of water to mist the upholstery pretty well before I paint. Here’s how it looks when you start out. It’s scary because you think it’s not going to cover. Patience, my young padoan. It takes COATS.


I was really impressed with this one because the blue is a dark navy and I was using a fairly light colour, but it covered nicely. I went over the entire chair, nailheads and all, and really worked to get the paint to cover all the crooks and nannies. This is where my desire to finish projects in a day has to be checked. Because it ain’t happenin when you paint upholstery. Period. It’s 24 hours dry time in between coats. Which worked out well this time because SOMEONE wanted dinner prepared.

So here’s how I left it last evening. I’ll do another coat today with the same procedure.


I’m still deciding if I want to go over the frame in a different colour or not. I’m leaning toward “Paris Gray” but we shall see!



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