Seashell Necklace Update…

image Sand Dollar

I finally got my materials for working on the seashell necklaces!! Woo hoo!!

Remember this?

IMG_0072 The Cache

Well, I went to the hardware store and invested in a dremmel bit that drills through glass. Then started drilling! It worked! Then I had to determine what I wanted to use to make the actual necklace. So, I thought versatility and made four different kinds. (Velvet ribbon, thin tulle ribbon, wider tulle ribbon, and silver chain.) I will probably come up with more as I go along.  Leather, ribbon of various types, cording, lace, etc.


image Anchor of hope.

image Flip Flop

I’m going to offer them on my etsy site as a custom order item.  Choose your charm, shell size, cording, and length.  If you’d like, you can even special request a particular charm and I’ll see if I can find it!


I hand picked every single shell from the beach in Mexico myself.  Cleaned them up and…. well, what do YOU think?




4 thoughts on “Seashell Necklace Update…

    • Hi Marilee! Thank you so much!!! I really put a lot of thought into them and have worked really hard on them. I did specifically buy a dremmel bit that is designed to drill through glass and tile. It came with a special oil to apply during drilling so as not to break the shells. I was also VEEERRRRY careful! ❤

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