Testing Techniques…

I am absolutely loving the trend of image transfers onto furniture.  I thought it would be fun to try it but wasn’t sure which technique (and there are many) I wanted to try first.  So, me being me, simple came to mind!  (Remember – it’s not “lazy” it’s “extremely efficient”!)

I had seen on Pinterest using wax paper and an ink jet printer to transfer images and it really seemed like the easiest way.  So, I really wanted to give that a try.  I had in my mind a lovely pattern of ships on top of one of my latest pieces – a beachy cottage coffee table.


Only problem here?  Trust in the technique!  So I had to try it on another piece that wasn’t so critical.  Not that this one couldn’t be fixed if I messed it up with the transfer…. Just want to not have to if not necessary.

I’d been working on painting a plant stand in Old Ochre and finished painting it yesterday.  It has these lovely little tiers that beckoned me to put something (other than a plant) on it… So….


Ta da!  It worked!  Here’s the process I followed.

I have this lovely sheet of paper with fabulous ships all over it.  I simply placed it on the copier (which is an ink jet printer).  Then, I must confess failure first… I tried placing the wax paper under the paper roller first.  When I hit “copy” —– CRUNCH! Nope!  I had to take apart the printer and dig out the crumpled mass of wax paper.  This time, I used scotch tape and taped my sheet of wax paper to a plain old sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  Then I hit copy.  It seemed to work beautifully!  I could BARELY see the image on the wax paper so that sort of concerned me but I was not deterred.  I placed the wax paper (after carefully removing it from the regular sheet of paper) image side down onto my plant stand and held on tight.  The DIY’s I’ve read said to use a credit card to press the image onto the board or surface.  I have a wonderful teflon bone folder I use for lots of things (particularly book binding) and used it to rub the image firmly all over.  I literally watched as it darkened before my eyes in the transfer process.

I will say, the how-to’s I’ve read suggested lightly wetting the surface you are printing with water – those were unpainted surfaces.  I didn’t do it here, but think I will try using my spray bottle on the next attempt just to see if the image darkens a bit better on a painted surface.  Another thing to try is using  one side versus the other of the wax paper.  I had a tough time telling which (if either) side was “better” for the job so I’ll run this test later.  Maybe it doesn’t make one bit of difference.




I’m going to practice a bit more before I attempt to do a large scale piece like the coffee table.  Another option is to download your image – flip it – then print it.  I didn’t flip my image because it’s a ship.  Not words that could be read as lots of image transfers are.

I also think it would work with colour.  Oh! and I let the image “set” for about 10 minutes and then simply waxed the piece with my clear wax as normal.

What do you think?



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