Where Have I Been??!!

Oh my beloved (3) followers… have you given up all hope in me?  Felt for sure I dropped off the planet?? Not really noticed I’ve not written in a couple weeks?? Ha!  Well, I must apologise regardless of readership.  It’s just the right thing to do.  

But I have a very good excuse slash reason!  A couple of them even!  I had a long-planned girls weekend dropped right on top of my son’s High School Graduation weekend… Seriously?!  Who does that??!  

So here’s the story, the girlfriends from pre-school, elementary school, jr. high school and forever all met up and we had yummy Mexican dinner then went to see a college production of “Children of Eden.”  I’d never seen it and thought, while some of the messages were good, it was “okay.”  Don’t be a hater – I’m a Les Mis girl.  It wasn’t Les Mis… period.  After the play, we went to our vacation rental and talked until we could no longer hold our 40+ year old eyelids open then went to bed.  Hung out the next day and that was fab.  Can’t have too much girl time. 

That night I drove to the hotel by the airport because I had a way early flight AND it was “Spring Forward” night – seriously? Again?! Why must we keep doing this clock nonsence?  Through no small miracle, I made my o’dark-thirty flight to Portland….

And oh my!!!! Daffodils were in FULL BLOOM and all over creation! JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY! My sister’s beau took this little picture of me admiring my favourite thing in the world… ahh bliss!

I had worked for months to pull off a surprise appearance at my son’s Diploma Presentation (heck I even prepared the solo pomp and circumstance event!) and he was shocked to see me.  I bawled.  Fabulous moment.  So proud of my baby boy.

Then, we got to spend some time on a lovely farm with my birth-Mama.  Chickens, goats, turkeys, goats, ducks, geese, pups, kitties, daffodils… tea, puzzles, my sister, niece, mama, son, and great-nephew…. what more could a girl wish for!?  

Thank you for your patience and understanding in my absence… I came home and promptly got a nasty cold and sore throat.  I figure I’m better when I can no longer refrain from picking up my paintbrush…  



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