Easter Minimalist Decor

As much as I love decorating, I don’t tend to be one for a lot of seasonal decorations.  Growing up my Mom made our house very festive and I always felt “cozy” with the traditional decor she’d bring out each season and holiday. I’m not against going all out per se, for some reason it’s just not me.  I love looking at Christmas lights and I’ve really enjoyed seeing so many beautiful Easter tables (and Christmas tables, and Thanksgiving tables…. hmmm… is the table a theme??? Ha ha.) on my favourite blogs and Pinterest.  Truth be told, I prefer to “decorate for daily living” and add some special touches here and there.


I think when my sons were small, I tried to do more to give them the “spirit” of the holiday but now as an “empty nester” I prefer a more subtle touch.  



One more daffodil that I adore from my sweet Chop made by a dear friend in Mexico.


Love her stuff!  Have a look HERE!  

Happy Easter everyone.  Remember why we celebrate – and decorate as you will 🙂



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