Terrible Blogger gives an update!

I feel very badly for not posting.  There’s really no reason to feel that way because I don’t have many followers so no one really even knows I haven’t posted much.  LOL  So anyway, there’s a good reason for lack of writing.  Pretty much I’ve been busy remodeling our new house and getting the current house ready to move into said new-slash-old house!.

That being said… here are some before and during photos… After will come when we are ready to move in. 🙂
This is the first time we saw the house.  That’s my sweet Chop knocking on the door to make sure we could see it that day. 

These are the loafing sheds on the property.  There are 5 acres here for us to play with! 

  I look at this picture – no leaves on the trees, no weeds in the corral… and it wasn’t ours yet.

This is the back of the house .


This is our back “yard” – The Little Thompson River

This is our lil pond beyond our deck.  Those are the gorgeous Rocky Mountains being blocked by haze and clouds…  
This is the converted pole barn – it’s now  a guest house.


This is the amazing jet tub… nuff said. 

This is the master bath.  

This is the sun room  

This is the other side of the sun room   

This old plate rack charmed me – and to my joy, it stayed with the house.  

This is the master bedroom bay window  

This is the living area bay window  

This is the slider to the patio in the living area.  We took out the little dog door almost the day we got the house.  

This is the guest room bathroom – and my finger.  oops  

This is the balcony in the guest suite overlooking the pond.  Until we get the barn built, this lovely are will be used for storage!  But!  We do hope you’ll come visit once it’s “up and running.”

This is the little shed – our only storage right now – I think it will make a great chicken house one day!   

 This is a sneak peak at how far we’ve come… This is that same bay window in the living area.  There are SO many other changes we’ve made! But I want to draw this out so… till next time 🙂

Keep smiling – and love one another!



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