Terrible Blogger gives an update!

I feel very badly for not posting.  There’s really no reason to feel that way because I don’t have many followers so no one really even knows I haven’t posted much.  LOL  So anyway, there’s a good reason for lack of writing.  Pretty much I’ve been busy remodeling our new house and getting the current […]

Easter Minimalist Decor

As much as I love decorating, I don’t tend to be one for a lot of seasonal decorations.  Growing up my Mom made our house very festive and I always felt “cozy” with the traditional decor she’d bring out each season and holiday. I’m not against going all out per se, for some reason it’s just […]

Where Have I Been??!!

Oh my beloved (3) followers… have you given up all hope in me?  Felt for sure I dropped off the planet?? Not really noticed I’ve not written in a couple weeks?? Ha!  Well, I must apologise regardless of readership.  It’s just the right thing to do.   But I have a very good excuse slash […]

Testing Techniques…

I am absolutely loving the trend of image transfers onto furniture.  I thought it would be fun to try it but wasn’t sure which technique (and there are many) I wanted to try first.  So, me being me, simple came to mind!  (Remember – it’s not “lazy” it’s “extremely efficient”!) I had seen on Pinterest […]

The Painted Chair…

Don’t think I ever commented on the finished product?! After 3 days and 3 coats of paint (24 hour dry time in between each coat) I finally felt I could move on to painting the frame of the chair. I had painted the entire chair, upholstery and frame, using Country Grey.  Once I was satisfied […]

Seashell Necklace Update…

 Sand Dollar I finally got my materials for working on the seashell necklaces!! Woo hoo!! Remember this?  The Cache Well, I went to the hardware store and invested in a dremmel bit that drills through glass. Then started drilling! It worked! Then I had to determine what I wanted to use to make the actual necklace. […]

YES! You Can Paint Furniture – The Upholstery Part!

When one thinks of ‘painted furniture’ I think for the most part we tend to think of things like dressers, armoirs, tables etc. But do we think of the actual fabric and painting that? Well, if you’re using the right paint, you absolutely should! I’ve not done it a lot simply because I haven’t found […]

Bedside Table in a Day…

What is your favourite part of the day?  I have two parts – coffee and the rest of the day.  Usually, “the rest” involves some cooking, some cleaning (yuk), playing with my animals, some sort of artistic endeavor, and reading.  I read every day.  It may be a magazine, novel, how-to book, my devotional, the […]